The message is, be sensitive to the Earth, which has been gifted to you with love at your birth.
Every day you can feel the cosiness of its hearth.
So see to it, you do nothing to spoil its mirth.

And this can be achieved only if we are able to instil tolerance in our everyday behaviour with one and all, have the spirit of integrity and honour and most importantly, nurture the nature.

God has hand-crafted human beings and gifted them the earth, equipping it with all that is beautiful, and all that is advantageous for our existence. The animals, the birds, the trees, the human begins are actually His manifestation. So we need to be tolerant towards all in our every day behaviour. Loreto instils in us this value and teaches us every day to love one and all. Even if things do not go our way, we know how to accept the situation without complain and go out of our way to set the matter right. “Each one teach one” is our mantra, thus we teach and we learn too. “To err is human and to forgive divine’ enables us to move ahead. We adapt ourselves to any situation. Slowly and gradually, we paint the darker shades with brilliant hues of life and create a newer world, a better world.

Loreto reminds us that we are all human beings with integrity of character. Temptations are plenty in this world and to go downhill is easy, but abiding by the teachings of Mary Ward, we walk the sea shore of values, picking up pearls of shining bright traits. We learn to honour others and ourselves and we feel happy and proud that we are women. Having the natural ability to be soft, tender, gentle and motherly, we treat one and all with respect and honour. We also understand and realise that earth is our mother who shelters us, protects us and nurtures us. It abounds in natural wealth which is there for our use. But we all must remember the saying,” Waste not, Want not”. We must treat nature with the same love and kindness that it showers on us. We enjoy the canvas of the earth painted with the blue sky, the green forests, the sparkling water bodies and the variety of flora and fauna. So, we as a united human race must come forward to protect this abundance and pledge to gift it to the generations to come. Let them also feel the bliss, see the beauty and the grandeur. Let us all promise to abide by the belief, ‘Live and Let Live’.

Sr. A. Anitha

of Loreto Convent, Darjeeling

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