Proposed Holiday List

S. No. Month Dates Vacation
1 January 1st Tuesday-31st Thursday Winter Holiday 
2 February 15th Friday Staff Orientation
16th Saturday Staff Meeting
18th Monday School Re-opens (Full Day)
3 March 21st Thursday Holi
23rd Saturday Working Saturday (School)
4 April 18th Thursday Half day
19th Friday Good Friday
5 May 01st Wednesday Workers’ Day
18th Saturday Buddha Jayanti
6 June 05th Wednesday   Id-Ul-Fitr
21st Friday to 30th Sunday First Term Holiday
7 July 1st Monday School Re-opens
13th Saturday Bhanu Jayanti - Half Day
8 August 15th Thursday Independence Day
17th Saturday Working Saturday (School)
9 September 05th Thursday Teachers’ Day
14th Saturday Working Saturday (School)
10 October 02nd Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti
05th Saturday – 13th Sunday Puja Holidays
14th Monday School Re-opens
26thSaturday-30th Wednesday Diwali Holidays
31st Thursday School Re-opens
11 November 02nd Saturday Working Saturday (School)
14th Thursday Children’s day
16th Saturday Working Saturday (School)
12 December 14th Saturday Reports for Senior School
15th Sunday  School Closes for Winter Holiday

of Loreto Convent, Darjeeling

Sapling Count