List of Superiors

List Of Superiors, Principals and Vice Principals In Loreto Convent Darjeeling.
Year Name
1846-1847 Morher Teresa Mons (Superior)
1848-1881 Mother  M. Joseph Hogan (Superior)
1882 Mother Stanislaus (Superior)
1908 Mother M. Borgia Irwin (Superior)
1954 Mother Claude Moloney (Superior)
1955-1959 Mother M. Carmel O’Connor (Superior)
1960-1965 Mother M.Kevin Parton (Superior)
1066-1971 Mother M. Lidwina Foley (Superior)
1972-1974 Mother M. Lidwina Foley (Superior)
1975-1979 Sr. Stella Lahiry (Superior)
1980-1984 Sr. M.Magdalene Munro (Superior)
1985-1990 Sr. M.Therese Curran (Superior)
1986-1987 Sr. Rosario O’Donnell  (Principal)
1989-1990 Sr. Antoinette Rodrigues (Principal)
1991-1992 Sr. Teresa McGlinchey (Superior)
1993-1994 Sr. Victorine Greene (Superior)
1995 Sr. Rosario O’Donnell (Superior)
1996-1999 Sr. Philomena Dowd (Superior)
1998 Sr. Molly Francis (Vice Principal)
1999-2003 Sr. Teresa McGlinchey (Superior)
2002 Sr. Alice Mary (Vice Principal)
2003 Sr. Phyllis Morris (Principal)
2003-Apr2007 Sr. Elizabeth Chatterjee (Superior)
2004-2006 Sr. Cecily Wong (Principal)
May2007-Apr’08  Sr. Teresa McGlinchey  (Superior and Principal)
2007 Sr. Stephanie Rodrigues (Vice Principal)
May 2008-Mar’09  Sr. Joan Smyth (Superior)
Jun-09-Mar'12 Sr. Teresa McGlinchey  (Superior)
2009-2013 Sr. Geraldine Moktan (Vice Principal)
2010-2015 Sr. Geraldine Moktan (Principal)
Jun-12 Sr. Helen Borneo (Superior)
2013-Mar'17 Sr. Geraldine Moktan (Superior)
2013-2015 Mrs. Josephine Ghissing (Vice Principal)
2015-Mar’17 Mrs. Josephine Ghissing (Principal)
2017 Sr. A. Anitha (Principal)
2017-2019 Sr. Flora Anthony (Sister-in-Charge)
2017-June 2020 Mrs. Nima Yonzone (Vice Principal)
2019 Sr. Sunila Toppo (Sister-in-Charge)
2021-April Sr. Sunila Toppo (Superior)

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