Head Girl and Vice Head Girl Message

Head Girl and Vice Head Girl Message 2023-24



Show yourself as you are and be what you show yourself" - Mary Ward

It is indeed an honour and privilege to be appointed as the head girl and vice head girl of Loreto Convent, Darjeeling. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Principal, teachers and students for giving us this opportunity to serve the school. We hope that as office bearers, we may live up to the high ideals of purity, duty and truth.

As we welcome the new academic year of 2023 with open arms, we hope that it will open doors of new opportunities for us. We hope to see our girls come forward and showcase their talents and skills. It would make us most proud to see our girls step out of their comfort zone, and try to participate in new fields of activities . To our contemporaries and juniors, we would like to remind them to be kind to themselves and others and face challenges and hardships with courage. Nothing is impossible. All it takes is one small step in right direction.

Loreto is our legacy. Let us wear it with pride. Here's to the legacy of Loreto and many more years of excellence to come!

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