Sister Superior's Message

“This is verity to do what we have to do well.
Many think that it is nothing to do ordinary things, but for us it is.”
Mary ward.

A School magazine helps record the curricular and extra-curricular journey of the school and provides an opportunity to the students to showcase their talent and explore their creative potential. Alongside academic and curricular inputs, co-curricular activities help shape the overall personality of the child. Once again I am pleased to see the effort put together by the editorial team to present our school magazine for the year 2015.

Today we are in a period of transition where old values are changing. The global influence is predomination due to the explosion of information technology. The young minds of our students are very impressionable and they are often unable to discern what is desirable to become independent, responsible and useful for the society, nation this world. Keeping all this in mind Loreto Convent Darjeeling has been working to achieve some of the values, to shape the children’s lives and to give better human values. The staff and the management of the school has been providing and conducting various programmes, by which children are made aware and taught how to become better citizens of India.

When students come to Loreto Convent, they benefit from the spiritual, academic, and extracurricular activities. They are also blessed by the rich opportunities to enjoy the best of many worlds. It is my deepest hope and prayer that the school will become a place where they can be called closer to god and, in turn, draw their world closer to God. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Principal, Staff, students and parents for their strong sense of commitment and responsibility that makes Loreto what is today. I wish to thank all the Parents for their continued support towards the school.

Sister Geraldine Moktan

of Loreto Convent, Darjeeling

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