As we look forward to a new adventure, let us also pay tribute to the golden year 2016 that celebrated the 175 years of Mary Ward’s successful story in South Asia. The unique theme of the year long programme “Remember, Renew, Reimage” says it all. We do remember the triumphant tale of Loreto that has enabled the girl child to receive importance, recognition, stability through education. If I go down memory lane, I can see the united attempt of all at Loreto to ‘Renew’ the system, refresh it and make it befitting for changes in society and time. Time and Tide waits for no man, so we at Loreto do not wait, we move on with energy and vigour, flow with the tide of change and establish a concrete position for every individual that is associated with Loreto. The ability to triumph begins with all of us. It does not matter who you are, where you come from, what matters is we channelize our energies and develop our talents. We collectively are entrusted with this responsibility to ‘Reimage’. All of us will enrich our leadership qualities, elevate our life, seek new channels, reconstruct and transform the world.

We know this process of ‘Remember, Renew, Reimage’ is an on going programme at Loreto. No wonder this institution has moved the world. It has undertaken the task of not only education but also shifted to other fields such as social work and health. We follow the motto “Be Human be Humane”. This enables us to cast an eye at the not so privileged and render them service to enable them to understand that they too are ‘Human Beings’ not stuff of the ‘garbage bin’. We shall carry on this programme of enabling one and all to live in dignity and pride.

So my plea is, realize the power within yourself and with zeal and enthusiasm start the ripple of change, reimage. We are all warriors of light. The flame had been struck by the great lady Mary Ward. Let’s carry forward her legacy.

Sr. A. Anitha

of Loreto Convent, Darjeeling

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